Saturday, 5 January 2008

Advice, part one

1.)Writers of American Sitcoms:

It isn't necessary to insert canned laughter at the end of every sentence. You should only really need do it after the ones that are jokes.

2.) Bruce Forsythe:

Why not try faking your own death to conceal the fact you ahve obviously discovered the secret to eternal life? Alternatively, why not try not tapdancing on national television despite the facts your bones should clearly be dust?

3.) The Dull:

Saying 'Yes, it's Tuesday all day today' in response to a perfectly legitimate calendrical enquiry does not in itself qualify as humor

4.) Hugh Hefner:

Hide your total lack of humanity, morality and maturity by not publicly bragging about shagging all seven of your vapid, eighteen year old whores despite being old enough to be their ancestor.

5.) Blog Writers:

Save time and energy by simply stealing your format from Viz Top Tips

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