Friday, 9 May 2008

The droids you were looking for:

Hey, baby.

I'm sorry I was gone so long. I know it ain't right to treat you this way.

Things will be different from now on. I promise.

Let me remind you of the good times we had together by flagrantly ripping off articles I published in my old blog (reprinted over the next two posts, more to follow).

Let me also remind you that you can read any of the old Out Of Loo Rolls by visiting:

we are in every issue (except issue five, i was 'busy' that week) and are funny in almost two of them!

From now on, now the exam season is over and you have time to read my shit, I will actually start writing stuff in here again. Starting in the VNF (the 'very near future' - when all the stuff i plan to do happens) with covering my good friend Rachel Boyd's fantastic blog.

For those of you who, for whatever reasons, like to look at things before I have decided what to tell you to think about them, here's a link:

I've been meaning to link to this forever but have had other things on. It's a fantastic and fantastically well written blog which addresses some of the core issues affecting our tragically fucked world. So read it.

Not that I'm 'leaking' my verdict on this, or anything...

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the website is now that is all